Moustache Bikes: France’s premium electric bike brand

Moustache Bikes is a French brand specialising in high-quality electric bicycles. They are renowned for their commitment to innovation, style and superior bicycle manufacturing that combines performance, comfort and durability. Moustache Bikes have become a popular choice among cyclists who want to go beyond the limits of traditional cycling.

One of the key features of Moustache Bikes is the integrated Bosch electric motor. Bosch is a leader in the field of electric motors and guarantees top quality and reliability. Bosch electric motors allow cyclists to cover distances with ease and enjoy outstanding performance, while maintaining a high level of environmental sustainability.

Moustache Bikes offers a wide range of electric bikes to meet the different needs and preferences of cyclists. Their range includes city electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, trekking electric bikes and more. Each bike is carefully designed and engineered to provide the highest levels of comfort, stability and performance.

Testing electric bikes:

As importers for Moustache Bikes, we offer you the opportunity to try and test electric bikes. A test ride allows you to see for yourself the quality and performance of Moustache bikes and choose the model that best suits your needs. Our expert team is on hand to advise you on your choice and provide information on the specifications of each model.

We also offer a special benefit for our clients of guided tours. When you buy an electric bike, we will deduct the price of the guided tour from the total price of the bike. It’s a great opportunity to explore new routes and get to know the performance of your new electric bike at the same time.

If you are passionate about electric cycling, high quality and innovation, we invite you to contact us and take a look at the Moustache Bikes range of electric bikes. We are confident that you will find a bike that will meet all your expectations and give you unforgettable cycling adventures.

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