Rental of electric bicycles in Izola
Moustache Samedi Off 2, električno kolo

Electric bikes available for rent/rental: Mustache Samedi Off 2

1 x Size S (155-170cm)

3 x Size M (168-183cm)

1 x Size L (180-195cm)

We have a total of 5 electric bikes for rent. E-bikes are “hardtail”, with front suspension only. Other full-suspension bikes are for guided tours only. See also the offer of our guided tours with electric bikes HERE.

Price list and conditions for renting bikes and equipment:

  • €45 > If it is returned the same day before the end of the working day or the next day in the first hour of the start of work according to the store’s schedule. It is necessary to make an agreement before the rental itself.
  • Helmet and lock are included in the rental price.
  • Two days 5% discount.
  • Three days 10% discount.
  • More than three days 15% discount.
  • €50 deposit / bike

For bikes reservation call: +386 41 646 800

Bicycle pickup location: Bora Shop, Veliki trg 6, 6310 Izola.

Shop Schedule:

Bicycles can also be picked up and dropped off at a different location outside of store opening hours. Prior agreement is required.




  1. In the case of renting a bicycle on Saturday and if the bicycle is not returned on the same day, Sunday will also be charged.
  2. In the case of a rental on the last working day before a holiday and if the bike is not returned on the same day, the rental amount will be charged up to and including the last day of the holiday.
  3. Borrowing and returning borrowed items outside store hours or on Sundays and holidays is not possible, except by prior agreement. Surcharge of €20.
  4. If the bike is returned on the same day as the start of the rental, the battery does not need to be full, if it is the next day, the battery must be full, otherwise €20 will be charged.
  5. When the bike is returned, only it must be clean or same as when picking up, or an additional €10 will be charged.
  6. It is possible to borrow the item the day before the first day of the paid rent during the last hour of the store’s operation according to the schedule for that working day. (exceptions are Sundays and holidays, when the shop is closed and delivery is not possible). It is necessary to make an agreement in advance.
  7. If the rent starts on a Monday or the first day after a holiday, the item can be picked up on the day of loan after the first hour of the store’s opening hours according to the schedule for that working day.
  8. The bicycle must be returned no later than within the first hour of the store’s operation after the day for which the rental was paid for, otherwise an additional rental day will be charged.
  9. When renting, the customer must present an identity document.
  10. The item can be reserved in the branch by paying the rent in advance (the number of rental days is paid).
  11. The customer must pay for the rental with a credit card (deferred payment card) or debit card or bank transfer in the case of a prior reservation.
  12. Cancellation of the rental and refund of the advance payment is possible at least 72 hours (three days) before the reserved rental date.
  13. Use of the borrowed item is at your own risk!
  14. An additional two days will be charged for each day of delay in returning the item.
  15. If the customer is late in returning the item for more than five days, Bora d.o.o. may debit the customer’s personal account and credit card and report the theft of the item to the Police authorities.
  16. In the event that the customer returns the item damaged, and the damage is not the result of normal use, the customer will be charged for the repair of the item.
  17. In case of damage or loss of the rented bike/equipment, the user is liable to the renter for damages up to a maximum of 80% of the retail price of the rented item. The user expressly agrees that his personal account will be debited via credit card up to the amount of the cost of the damage, which is estimated by the borrower.
  18. The deposit is returned to the customer if the item is returned undamaged and within the agreed time.